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    The special thing about the Qualicacy concept is the combination of several forces. Forces, that are not strong enough separately, to break through the big barriers of international trade.

    • The force of Quality: everywhere manufacturers produce delicacies of high quality. Available at their local and national markets. But how do you reach the people far away? In other countries?
    • The force of Desire: everywhere people are making their contributions to the communities they live in. But still they have to long for the products they feel connected to. Products that are a part of their identity. But these products are difficult to get.
    • The force of Logistics: global trade and the internet have turned the world into one big village. Large logistic companies are perfectly equipped to get across big distances all around the world. But big distances demand big quantities to keep logistic costs low enough.
    • The force of Marketing: everyone knows the great impact marketing tools have upon consumers.. It’s extremely important to promote your product in the right way to be succesfull. How can that be done in such different markets?

    Qualicacy combines these four forces and thus forms the bridge between consumers, desiring the products they used to long for, and manufacturers striving for the expension of their product range.

    Are you curious about how the Qualicacy concept could work out for you? Don’t hesitate but contact us. Together we will look for ways to reach your goals!